iPad - A Graphic Designer's Go-To Gadget?

3 years ago when the iPad first hit shelves, many people were dismissive of it and calling it a giant-sized iPhone sans cellular functions. And as recent history teaches us, the iPad has become a must-have tech component of our everyday lives.   For designers who leave, eat and breath art, the iPad has been nothing short of a godsend. It has achieved iconic status thanks to apps that have made the lives of graphic designers much meaningful. 

No matter wherever they are, the 10 inch iPad is handy and capable enough to be part of the designer's arsenal. Here are some 3 iPad apps that deserve to be installed on a graphic enthusiast's tablet:   The world famous Photoshop has been a staple amongst digital artists since the 80s. It is still the premier graphics design and photo retouching app for professionals and amateurs alike.   Adobe Photoshop Touch brings most of its main features and elements and is completely built from the ground up for touchscreen interfaces. If you are a fan of the layer-oriented model of image editing, this touchscreen optimized version will not disappoint. 

Users can share their pictures from this iPad app to Facebook and on the cloud. Advantage - Your digital creations can be reused and edited from other platforms as well.   Afraid of losing out on popular designing trends on the web? Fret not when you are subscribed to the Web Designer Magazine.   You get in-depth articles as well as nifty tutorials that show what design trends are in and which are out of style in today's fast-paced world. 

Grab this iPad app if you are in the mood to get inspired with some cool designs.   So you want to be one of the greats like Picasso, Da Vinci and Michaelangelo. Simply, you want to design all-original art from the comfort of your iPad. 

Art Rage fits the bill just fine. It has access to all sorts of brush strokes and types that make digital painting as much accurate as real-life canvas painting. Grab this if you want to explore your artistic streak.   The Apple App Store has more apps that put the artist and graphic designer's front and center. If you are looking to splurge on a tablet to get in touch with your inner artist, consider the iPad.

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