How to Get Big Budget Projects on Freelance Websites?

Today I am going to tell about the experience of my lifetime in getting projects from freelancing website. This lifetime experience is of 5 years. But it will do wonders to you guys. You can get big budget projects from freelancing websites in many ways.   Therefore, these are few simple tips, if they are used properly than you can even get the projects in the price you name.

 Be confident:   Primarily, the advice to young bidders is to be confident and speak the truth. These two things can make you an attractive and demanding salesman in your field. Let me tell you how... Every client wants that the person he is providing project can speak and explain all the details in a manner that can satisfy the client, that means the bidder should be influential and confident. Clients also want that whatever the price they agree upon is the real price and that the bidder is true to his words. If he says that the project will be completed in 24 hours. Than the project should be completed in 24 hours. 

Talk like a professional:   People on freelancing sites only give their projects to those people, who they deem professional. Professional in sense, that the bidder should know the meanings of different terms and should have knowledge about the project he is taking for his company. Terms like, HTML 5 or responsive designs etc.   Portrait a classic portfolio:   And yes, the portfolio of the designer should be made with only the classical designs. What I mean by classic here, is not the old is gold sort of portfolio. But those designs that are considered the best.   Consider changing your name? 

When you are a sales representative in reality and a 'bidder' in particularly on freelancing websites. You can't use local names, as you are dealing with a mass audience and to deal with them you will need a mass level name. That can be any name that is known by the most. But a piece of advice, if you are having a powerful portfolio and are reluctant to use your own name, than you can sure do that, as in the end it drops down to your confidence level and the strategies you play.

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