How to Redesign a Logo Without Making Radical Changes?

Every good businessman always tries to expand his business to make more profit and capture larger market share. There are some companies like Tata that started business with just a hotel and now they are involved in almost every possible industry you may imagine.   Logo is the flag bearer of a brand and helps you convey the mission and vision of your business to the target audience. However, when you expand your business and start reaching new customers, you may consider redesigning the brand logo to define your evolved corporate personality. Some companies also redesign the brand logo to give it a more contemporary look, even if they have not entered in any other industry. 

Redesigning a brand logo is more difficult than creating a new emblem. You have to think lots of things because any drastic change can harm your brand value. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself.   Once you find the answers of aforementioned questions, you can start working on the new concept. If you are against any radical change, then here are some ideas that will help you redesign the logo without affecting the brand image.  

Strip It Down- Minimalism is the most popular trend for quite some time and you can apply it for your emblem redesign as well. If your current emblem has too many elements, try to identify the unnecessary elements and remove them for a professional logo design. For instance, Starbucks wants to enter in the new industries and therefore, they removed the "Starbucks coffee" tagline and created a refreshingly new insignia.   Modify the Font- Fonts indicate the corporate image of a company and by changing the font style you can tell your audience that your business is evolving. For instance, MSNBC earlier had an emblem with bold uppercase letters to prove their power, but now they replaced the font with a lowercase, eye soothing font to make the emblem aesthetically appealing.  

Change Colors- We relate different colors to different emotions and changing the colors of existing insignia can be quite effective. For instance, Toys R Us changed the colors of their emblem to give it a more childish and energetic look.   Service/Product Centric Design- Some famous companies use abstract emblems, but that does not mean you have to follow the same rule as well. Sometimes, through the insignia design, you need to tell the customers what you do and why they should come to you. For instance, the old logo of Amazon used to feature the famous Amazon River in the emblem, but as the company has nothing to do with geography; the logo was not appealing the audience. Fortunately, when the eCommerce giant redesigned its logo, they used an arrow to indicate "we sell A to Z products."   Use your creative ideas while giving a new look to the brand logo and make sure that it sends a positive message to the audience. It's hard to guess whether target consumers will like or dislike the new insignia, but you have to give your 100% to represent your corporate image properly through the design.

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