Essentials of an Allembracing Logo Design Brief

Creating a design brief for a logo is as challenging as creating the logo itself. The client you are working with should ideally include all the details in it to make your task simple. You are a creative person, and so your time should be consumed in creating a memorable logo design, and not wasting time over a design brief.   At least, any professional logo design company should not start working without it. Be it any logo design India firm, or some place else, you must get the basics right. This post will shed some light on some of the essentials of such a document.   Client Goals   This is the foremost thing to focus on before working on a project. Ask your client why he is hiring you for? Is it for re-altering an existing one, a redesign, or creating it from scratch? Is the client sure of his business goals? The answers to these questions should be there in the brief. If not, it is risky working on such a project.  

Does The Project Has Enough Scope?   Not every logo project is the same. Some clients wants it created for enhancing brand appeal, some prefer tailor-made ones to match business vision, while others want you take inspiration from others to produce the best.   This is the reason the document should clearly state the scope of the project. If it doesn't, you have to ask questions before starting to work.   Who Is The Audience?   It should be very clear on the target audience. If you are designing for a fast food company, then does it include details such as:   The above details should be included to help you conceptualize the logo.   What about Support Materials?  

Your client has a company, and is running a business. Therefore, he is likely to have a business website. Does he have other materials such as flyers, product images or brochures that would help you to think of a possible logo. Support materials are necessary to get a hang of the business, and its products.   If these support materials are there, then the point should be mentioned in the brief provided by the client. If not, request him to include such details.

 Likes And Dislikes   

The document should clearly mention what your client likes or disapproves of. For example, if he likes use of stylish fonts, the fact should be stated in the design brief. If you are aware about his preferences, you will not waste time creating something that your client abhors.  

The document should include details like:   Having these details lessen the chances of disagreements or confusion at the later stages of designing.  

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