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A closer look into the profession of graphics and user interface designers   The boom in the IT sector and the relatively new Visual Arts genre has brought forward a large number of computer science, software and graphics/multimedia graduates. Here we discuss the domains where these professionals are being utilized in the market.   Graphics and User interface   Responsibilities.  

Drawing, sketching and illustrating. This involves creating illustrations on paper with a pencil or on a digital screen using a digital tablet.   Wire framing, the process of creating blueprints of web, desktop and mobile applications. Creating the complete flow from start to finish, keeping the goal of the application and the user's perspective in mind.  

Web and User Interface design: includes designing graphical interfaces using Adobe Photoshop, illustrator or Fireworks, while keeping some technicalities in mind, such as the devices on which the interface is going to be implemented on.  

Web development front end: developing functional views, marking up the layouts using the appropriate version of HTML, and styling the application using typography, graphical elements, images and colors using CSS. For this purpose the web development tool and information could be used from different online links. One key link that could be beneficial and of some interest to the user could be . Here up to date information could be provided by the experts that could guide a novice user to greater heights.   Web development back end: creating the backend logic and programming the dynamic part of applications, using server-side scripting languages such as ASP, PHP etcetera. Ensuring that data storage is using databases such as Oracle or mySQL, and connecting the application using Structured Query Language is also a part of web development.  

User experience design involves creating a functional experience using JavaScript and its libraries, where the user is facilitated and doesn't get bored.   Non technical skills   Great aesthetic senseAbove average observational skillsThe ability to think logicallyExcellent communication skillsThe ability to adapt to changeAnd most importantly, the love of art and code   Pay scale   The pay scale starts at As 25,000 - As 35,000 for a fresh graduate, depending on the organization. It goes up to Rs 150,000 - Rs 250,000 or above, depending on the experience, designation and the organization.   Career path   Graphic designer -> Digital illustrator -> Multimedia designer (3D)User Interface designer -> User Experience designer -> Creative designer   Qualifications  

The most successful people are the ones who are working in a profession that they love, doing the work that they love. My advice will be to know yourself; learn about what you're best at, what kind of work makes you happy and the kind of work that doesn't bore you.   "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius

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